September 3, 2015

iPhone 5 – Release date announced more features leaked

iphone 5 : More features leaked before launch

iphone 5
Like most Apple products, iPhone 5 has got the faithful drooling, tweeting and blogging. One of the areas of iPhone 5 that attracts them most attention apart from its release date is the features it will have or will not have. Some of the faithfuls are willing to pay well in advance before iPhone 5 UK debut which Apple has pencilled in for October 2011.
There are speculations that the design of iPhone 5 is more like the iPod touch teardrop design others said its much more like iPad2 in design. It is also rumoured that it may come with and 8MP and the core of the phone will be powered by A5 chip. No official confirmation or denial from Apple, making the rumours mill goes into over drive.
There has also been a lot of reported leaks of what iPhone 5 looks like from the main two features reported by poker game, which was said to have been confirmed by other sources sources including wall street journal and bloomberg new agency are he 8 pixel camera and the A5 chip powering iPhone 5.

Unlike previous versions of iPhone which was released in middle of the year, iPhone 5 released date which is a few months later was said to be due to the fact hat Apple want iPhone 5 to be powered its new iOS5 operating system which is not quite ready yet. Both hardware and software is both expected to ship in September or October. About 25 million iPhone is expected to ship by the end of 2011.

In a separate but not utterly unconnected issue, Apple has won a long running patent disputer again its closest smartphone rival HTC, though HTC is appealing the decision but Apple win is set to see some shipment of some HTC handsets to USA banned, a move that could help Apple shift even more iPhone. Regardless of who the final victory in the patent dispute goes to, many third party such as US poker has invested a lot in apps to run on the HTC handset that may be banned or delayed as a result of the legal wrangling.

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