Apple removes adult applications for iPhone

no-porn-ipodApple’s decision to remove adult software applications from its App Store angered developers while their revenues are going down with these stricter policies. Apple said that will continue to ban these software apps to distribute a cleaner content to its customers and developers will be requested to apply changes to their applications and remove the inappropriate material, in order to be distributed by the company.
Since Friday, thousands of adult-related content has been eliminate from the App Store due to some customers’ complaints. Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice-president of product marketing said for NY Times that the main reason for this removal campaign is the constant number of objections coming from parents that are aware of what their children could watch on personal iPhones or from women that find the content too offensive.
Developers are also mad because these removals somehow bypassed some well-known adult apps, like Playboy’s ones. Apple replied that some “well-known” companies’ apps will be still available in App Stores as well as if they had “previously published material”.
Jon Atherton, a developer from Australia related for BBC that since this eradication campaign brought down his revenues from £320 a day to a roughly £5 a day. He added that on Friday Apple sent an e-mail which, in essence sound like this: “thanks very much but we don’t need you anymore”. As a piece of advice, Jon said that Apple would better create an adult section instead of banning these popular apps.
App Store holds about 140,000 applications for its customers and has played a major role in iPhone’s achievements.