Cheap mobile deals – Customer is the greatest beneficiary

samsung_beam_i8520If there has been one gadget since the computer that has occupied the minds of most consumers and has compelled makers to come out with fresh models on a regular basis, it is the mobile phone. The mobile phone revolution has been a phenomenon that has taken most countries by storm and thanks to friendly policies adopted by all governments in enabling the telecom industry to grow, the penetration of the mobile device has increased tremendously in all these markets. The device has indeed grown from one that was initially perceived to be only for the elite to one for the masses.

It is not surprising therefore that mobile manufacturers have been coming out with many cheap mobile deals, both in terms of the type of handsets as well as tariff plans so that all types of consumers can benefit out of these deals. The mobile handsets have been made such that there is some model or the other across all price segments. This has been a wonderful move in enabling penetration of the mobile service as people with the cheapest handset can still enjoy the basic services.

The other positive aspect has been the design of various tariff plans with facility of both prepaid and postpaid becoming available to people. This has again opened up the market with many parents presenting a mobile to their kids along with a prepaid tariff plan so that there is control over the mobile spends and they can monitor the usage. People who do not mind spending also have access to the latest models offering the best of features as well as functions and that is how mobile manufacturers have been able to balance the demand and make good profits. Many of them have been offering bundled plans that combine the mobile cost as well as the tariff plan into one along with other features for the benefit of the customer.

Consumers have also been benefitted by the excellent distribution system set up by mobile service providers and they are able to recharge their prepaid account whenever they like. Some of them have also been offering attractive gifts to customers who buy the more expensive models and this again is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Samsung has been one company that has been offering the latest technology to its customers and its android offering in the form of the Samsung Beam models has been well received by consumers. The company has been offering Samsung Beam deals in Singapore to start with and will soon be offering them in the UK. This Smartphone device has a Pico projector that is inbuilt and since it is strategically placed at the top of the handset, it is easy to just point it and use it for people wishing to project their image in a larger manner. This innovation has thus made sharing of pictures, content very easy and is sure to be received well in all markets.