Naughty America VR Porn A Huge Hit At E3

Naughty went to LA’s games display last week to discuss “how gamers use VR headsets for mature content,” summarizing an inevitable explosion of first-person porn along with usage of gaming headphones.


It’s coming, as it were. According to Naughty America CIO Ian Robert, VR porn and gaming are two of the largest possible drivers of VR as a platform, and the 2 are counting on each other to succeed.

“We understand that from the end of the year, 10-20 thousand people will be taking a look at virtual reality adult content at least once per month,” Paul told VR Supply at E3 the other day.

“But centered on that is an enormous marketplace for gambling, and for people gaming resolves half the equation. To look at adult VR content you should have the head set, and if you purchase a headset for gambling half the challenge has already been resolved for us.”

John, discussing in the embedded interview under, stated that Naughty America is seeking to the games market to boost VR usage, which he felt the opposite is true: that games companies are optimistic that VR porn will mean an improve headset sales.

Naughty America VR videos and gaming to go hand in hand

“It’s a genuine win-win,” he said, adding that porn is expected to function as the third biggest VR sector after gambling in top place and live events and athletics in 2nd. Naughty America porn articles already works on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus and Vive. Naughty America has its own VR headset, a version on the Google cardboard headset, which it markets for $20.

Naughty America dedicated to its technical invention in porn to pronounce its E3 precense before the display.

“Naughty America is excited to wait E3 Exhibition in LA June 14-16 to demonstration and display the newest in mature VR articles. Naughty America has been to the forefront of technological progress from HD to 4k now VR usage as the primary major adult studio to produce VR content,” said the website.

It’d representatives prepared to “discuss the expanding role immersive mobile content performs in grownup enjoyment, how players utilize VR headsets for adult content and explain the technical horizon,” according to its public relations company.