Theme Parks & VR – Experience the Best of Both Worlds


Theme parks have come so far as of lately when it comes to roller coasters and other rides that are geared towards thrill-seekers. In the early 2000’s the trendiest thing for theme parks was who had the highest, loopiest, and fastest ride with Kingda Ka at Six Flags in New Jersey taking the trophy with a speed of 206 kilometers per hour and a height of 139 metres. It is currently the tallest roller coaster in the world.


Taller Coaster Will Eventually Emerge


The next big thrill that people are waiting to ride is going to be 152 metres high but one such coaster has yet to be built. Theme parks do have a limit when it comes to funding these crazy rides it seems. The next best thing may just be closer than we think though. The solution to finding the next big thrill may be just skipping real roller coasters all together and instead jumping into a virtual one.


VR Can Be Used In Many Ways


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have many more uses than just porn. Virtual reality amusement rides are soon going to be a reality which is an amazing concept for anyone who seeks adrenaline rushes but does not want the actual real-life risks that usually come with said rushes.


Another way that virtual reality can be used with amusement park rides such as roller coasters, water slides, and drop towers is by still getting on the physical ride while wearing a headset so that the only thing changing is what you see and possibly even around you while on the ride.


Cedar Point Coaster Uses Virtual Reality


A great example of a roller coaster that collaborates with virtual reality technology is the Iron Dragon. This roller coaster is in Cedar Point, Ohio. The ride is a suspended coaster and the virtual reality technology makes it appear that you are being attacked by orcs and ogres as you fly through an old day village.


There are so many advantages for theme parks when it comes to implementing virtual reality. It is incredibly easy to make your brain think that you are somewhere other than reality and it would be a money saver to build virtual reality rides rather than a regular roller coaster or other ride.



Virtual reality offers endless options for the rides as well. Several different options can be presented location and situation-wise in order to appeal to more people. Themes for the holidays, like Halloween and Christmas, could be added quickly and easily to make the rides more appealing as well.


Virtual reality technology opens up the door to adding a story to the rides which is something people cannot resist. Whether it be a movie or a book, humans love narratives and for that reason virtual reality would be a great addition to all amusement parks.