HD Human Holograms Emerging from AR Startup

From the bustle of central London, a new topic concerning augmented reality has emerged from an AR startup. Going by the name ‘HoloMe’, it’s all anyone is talking about. HoloMe’s goal is to totally change people’s experiences with communication and videos when using their augmented reality technology.

The HoloMe company has already shown some different examples of the high quality holograms that they plan on and are able to produce. These holograms are incredibly life-like and move around in the same way that we do. It now seems that the thought of having ultra high definition augmented reality pornography is soon to be a reachable reality thanks to HoloMe and their new technology.


What this new company is going to be providing is a massive breakthrough in the world of augmented reality pornography. This just may be what the adult entertainment industry needs to revamp their industry. This technology is going to be bringing a realistic hologram of a woman that can move and talk directly into your bedroom in ultra high definition. No company has yet been able to bring a virtual human into adult entertainment, until now.


HoloMe was founded by Janosch Amstutz, an entrepreneur, in the middle of 2017 right after he left his prior job. He funded programmers from across the world himself in order to get his project going. Now, all of his hard work is going to pay off with the new technology falling right into place.


HoloMe is an augmented reality technology which converts video into holographic 3D images which can be placed anywhere you would like. Rather than watching pornogrpahy, it is very possible that you may soon be able to interact with it. The new software has recognition technology that enables the hologram to interact with your bed or realize where the floor is in order to make the experience more realistic.


The gyroscope will work according to how you move so that you do not have to worry about messing up the location of the hologram when interacting. HoloMe also has a feature that allows users to look through already made holograms, some being well known celebrities, that users can then place in their room to interact with.


This new company start up could change the way people view the adult entertainment industry. Never before has such a realistic experience been offered. Putting holographic women in your room for your own entertainment could soon become a normal Saturday night activity thanks to companies like HoloMe.