Broadband on a Budget

Many broadband providers are catering to those who have been hit hard by the recession, offering free service and electronics to customers with exclusive package deals.

Need a new laptop, but don’t have £700 to shell out? Well, you may be in luck. As unbelievable as it seems, there are many broadband providers who work together with electronics suppliers to offer Broadband to customers. For example, PC World is currently offering a wide variety of laptops that are free with mobile broadband packages with up to 15GB of usage from Vodaphone. These deals range from £30 to £40 per month, so all you’re really paying for is a broadband connection.

But, suppose you have a laptop already and are just looking for a free broadband connection – there’s a solution for that situation, as well. Many public locations like coffee shops and libraries offer free wireless broadband to customers on their premises.

For home bodies, however, there is another option. Many broadband providers offer their customers package deals, which charge one low monthly price for broadband, television and phone service. With packages like these, you can reduce your utility costs by over $25 per month, the average monthly price of broadband service, thereby essentially providing you with free broadband!