Valve Launches Portal VR Demo and it’s amazing!

For those that jumped on the HTC Vive preorder, Valve has only given you another reason to observe your choice to pick-up a Vive. Valve has launched a demonstration of Portal VR should you be a fan of the hilarious and difficult Portal puzzle collection of games. This themed sport will make its debut at next months Game Developer Meeting.

A player trying to act as a robot repairman is shown by the movie introduced by Valve. Using the controls from your HTC Valve, a person can connect to the surrounding environment by trying to put together a robot, opening drawers, and choosing up item. The demonstration is stuffed with some really practical uses of virtual reality such as searching by utilizing controls to connect to things and moving your head in every way. In addition the demonstration is uproarious in Portal fashion that is authentic. My personal favourite part of the demo handles opening the drawers early on, demonstrating how you can connect to the surroundings, along with the comedic elements of opening the wrong drawers, subsequently opening the drawer with the Aperture Science Pocket Universe, staring straight into the drawer and getting the God of that cosmos, and then have it incinerated upon shutting the drawer.

It is possible to checkout the entire Portal VR demo below. I will be definitely looking forward to mo Re cool demos across the different VR apparatus platforms. It does seem like an awesome VR platform while we presently aren’t working any kinds of competitions for an HTC Vive. According to powerful pre-sale amounts it’s going to be among the top VR apparatus in 2016, competing mainly with the Oculus Rift.